About Will Adams

Will Adams is a practicing Architect and Planner who has been working in various Architectural, Planning and Landscape Architectural offices in the San Francisco Bay Area since graduating from the University of California at Berkeley in 1970. His work has taken him to projects all over the US, including Hawaii and Alaska.  Internationally he has worked on location in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, The Virgin Islands, The Caymen Islands, Korea, China, Dubai, and Morocco.  He has enjoyed making presentations to a great number of diverse client groups and has sat on several design review boards in both Colorado and California.

While he has had experience with all occupancy and building types, his focus during the last number of years has been on concept design and programing that results from a co-operative joint effort among the various design professions. His experience has taught him the importance of designing places that encourage and facilitate, rather than inhibit community. More recently has been concentrating on design education, specifically, public awareness of the built environment.

He has a love of hand-drawings which he has been using as a tool to design projects of many different types and sizes during his career of over 40 years, and wants to help people understand the drawings and models that are used in the development process.

Speaking & Service Engagements: Will enjoys sharing and teaching what he has discovered during the course of his career as in the fields of planning, urban design, landscape architecture and architecture. Please contact him to discuss bookings.

View Drawings: People must learn to understand these types of drawings because they are an essential part of the development process. View some of Will’s work.