The Alphabet of Architecture

As part of the Making Design Sense education program, Will has written The Alphabet of Architecture.  This book is intended to introduce some of the basic concepts, tools, processes and participants that are involved with the design and development of the built environment. It is meant to be a primer, a first step, to start people thinking about the areas in which we live, work, and play–if they are good or bad, and how they can be improved.

AOA_imageUnlike classic primers however, it is also layered with the lessons learned and attitudes developed from four decades of personal experience in the field of environmental design. This book encourages everyone to be aware of their surroundings and not accept as inevitable new developments which are aesthetically lacking and inhibit community and lifestyle.  Developing a sense of what is good and bad is a life-long process of education and participation.  The more we think about our surrounding environment, the better equipped we will be to participate in the vital on-going process of development.

As in the world of the design community, sketches, renderings, and graphics are used to communicate concepts. It is important that people learn to understand these tools since they are essential to every development process. The chapters are of course related, and one generally leads to another, but like a newspaper, you can browse, and start or stop anywhere. Learn More About The Book.